Wednesday, March 31, 2010

and so...

Wahoo, so I totally surprised myself by getting this baby started last night... it has been on my never-ending to-do list forever. I think I've been putting if off because (a) i put off a lot of things but mostly (b) because I look at so many beautiful blogs that have been going for ages with so many beautiful things and so many followers and I wonder how mine could ever get there. BUT everything has a beginning. Everything.

And besides, this is merely for me as a creative output. Although it would be great to get some followers and encouragement, it is early days and i think those are the wrong reasons to be blogging! A bit deep for a second post... hehe oh well.

These are from a wee while back - a cute cafe, Offbeat Originals tucked away one of the many vintage alleyways of Wellington. LOVING the tupperware display.

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  1. yes..everything great has a beginning!! and your blog is looking beautiful. My blog didn't look nearly as beautiful as this when I got started


thanks for the comment, you might make my day :)