Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hello there. Ok so my "post at least once every day of this week" challenge didn't go so well. BUT in my defence, i have been quite a busy little bee these past few days working on a few projects which i will share soon inc. one that involved my spending all evening cutting out lots of triangles...

Above are two separate collections from NZ label TwentySevenNames.
Top two pics are from the summer 2009/2010 'James and the Blue Flames'
Bottom two are from the 2010 spring/summer collection; 'Twelve'
Oh how beautiful!

p.s - special thanks to Emma from Rag Pony for the pics
also thank you to all of those who have commented, i read and appreciate every one!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Here is a wee thingy i got tagged to do by the lovely Eri from the Little Blog of Happiness...

Now I tag: Chelsea Nicole from Quite Cheeky

Esther from Cloudships

and Scarzz from Broken Intimacy

The task is: fill in 12 likes, 1 love and 8 hates like Cassie in her therapy video (from Skins).

Below, the bolded things are what you MUST include. Also, please make sure you link it back to me, and link it onto 3 other blogs you admire!.

I like boys with witt and girls with rosy cheeks

I like surprises

I like exploring the attic

I like waking up to snow outside my window

I like it when the perfect song comes on for the moment i am in

I like film sets from old movies

I like holidays in the sun with best friends

I like the smell inside of old books

I like aeroplanes

I like finding secret places

I like the feeling of being snuggled up in bed when it's raining

I like the satisfaction that comes with completing something i am really proud of

I like sleeping

I love my family so much, i couldn't wish for better

Today is all that i will ever have... I wish i could remembered that every day.

In some ways, I love everything.

Its less, its less of a thing to like, its less distinct, its less particular

I like things that I like but I love everything

There’s more choice in like

Cos even the worst things have things you love in them

I don’t know what you mean about things I hate

I hate regret or guilt

I hate ignorance and pride

I hate bad hair days

I hate that i can't pause time...

I hate how much i sometimes care about silly things, and how little i care about important things

I hate conflict

I hate that my childhood memories are fading but in a way it maybe helps make room in my head for new memories

I hate stress and being around it

I hate using the word 'hate'. It is too strong.

I hate this, wow. . .


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

'a leaf out of my book...'

Some more... silly little notes!
But i do enjoy doodle-ing, it is almost my favourite thing to do.
What about you?

Monday, May 24, 2010

A collection of favourite interiors, styling from many different time periods... Royal to Retro. I love each interior sooo much, it would be terribly hard to pick just one! Give me any one of these rooms and I will be a very happy lady x

sources: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 = unknown (I've had them so long... can anyone help?)
3= here

Sunday, May 23, 2010

How cute is this! The very talented Jen Collins from HELLOJENUINE has made a collection of portrait illustrations of favourite musical artists from her itunes library using every letter of the alphabet...
F is for Flight of the Concords,
C is for Cat Power,
L is for Le Tigre
and K is for Kings of Convenience.
It is a work in progress, but you can check out some more of her project at her flickr, website or blog.
I hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend x

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A pretty leisurely day: I found this wee darling at a garage sale this morning... how could I resist it!? Then I made lemon tarts, and (after burning the tops once and making new ones) settled into some afternoon catching-up-on-all-sorts in the sunshine (which was lovely as the sunshine made itself fairly scarce during the week).

I've come to realise that I am getting a bit too fussy about my posts, and holding back from posting... not because i don't want to but because I've been feeling really uninspired lately. I have to get up and over this massive hill of 'uninspiration' somehow, and the best way i think would be to just dive into it... So I will try to post at least once everyday of next week to try and get over it! Hopefully that might help.
How do you overcome creative blocks?

I hope you've all had a beautiful weekend :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh no!

Oh no! I took these pics a few months back for a friend who's using them for a hairdressing competition... Spent quite a few hours editing them, only to find out on the day that the printer was printing them out blurred and speckled?! So in the end we had to use and submit for judging the unedited copies - which are quite ugly in comparison. :( I feel like posting the edited finals on here is necessary to make me feel better - at least someone is seeing what they're supposed to look like!

They are very plain and minimal, (which is what she wanted) but they show off some cool hair don't you think? I'm especially swooning over the dusty pink/violet highlights...

P.S if your after some real eye candy, you should
1. pop over here and check out photographer extraordinaire Nirrimi's work... it. is. amazing. And then;
2. go here and vote for her portfolio (5 stars) in a massive artists wanted competition. The grand prize is for the winner to live and work in NY for a year! So go on, it's really easy to vote (no login required) and she totally deserves it!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stills from the movie 'Cat On A Hot Tin Roof' (1958). Pretty much the entire movie is filmed and takes place in one house and revolves around a family fighting over their inheritance. I might've found it slightly boring if it wern't for the lovely Liz Taylor, who looks like a goddess in creams and reds, and later on in a pretty white frock... the overall look of the film is so suave, you can't really keep your eyes off it! I mean, look at that bed!

I love old hollywood classics...
This year i have started watching some. Any more suggestions?
Happy Sunday x

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Le Boudoir

Slowly collecting little treasures in my room... there are a few blazers i found on my way home from a road trip a few weeks ago, aren't they cute! Hopefully somewhere in the near future I will be putting up a floral feature wall too.

Ohh it is so horrible and stormy outside, the rain is pouring and the wind is howling. But I have been snuggled up warm and cozy inside the house all day listening to feist, ah bliss. Now to go make some dinner!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Yes, this is my little mummy. Isn't she lovely.
Happy Mothers Day Mama x

So i kinda have a crazy fetish for old envelopes... my poppa collects envelopes and airline tickets (his house has been jam-packed since forever) and i think it may have subconciously rubbed off on me. Actually, i have an obsession with packaging in general, especially parcels and brown paper bags - oh there is nothing more exciting than recieving a brown paper package tied up with string! I wonder, there anyone out there with the same fascination?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Amazing photos by photographer Saga Sigurdardottir... i love the kinda crazy free feeling they have, not to mention the adorable shoes! This week has been a bit crazy, I need some sleeeep. At least the weekend is almost here... freedom!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

oh i want one! there is something magic about tree houses, especially ones like these...

The sun is shining but the chill of autumn has suddenly set in, and i have to wear a wollen jumper :) but that's ok, 'cos all the beautiful colours are coming out. Hey random question from a technologically challenged blogger, can anyone tell me how to upload images in their full size? not just the 'large' option that blogger gives you?

Monday, May 3, 2010

'a leaf out of my book...'

Ramblings and scribbles.
Have you had a nice day? x

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Little sister and I upon a pretty summer evening. These were taken by my super amazing should-be-photographer older sister Miss Loulou.

Guess what? I would like to thank the lovely Erimentha from The Little Blog of Happiness and Liss from Daydream Lily for picking my blog along with 3 other beauties to win the "Little-known Lovelies" competition... I am so shocked and surprised and happy and honoured! And it has been so great to be able to connect with other 'little knowns' in the same boat... wow wow wow, thank you!