Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bad me!

we have moved house hence the long-standing silence...
Horay, a new room freshly painted. Decorating has been fun! My sister and I also travelled down south 7hrs to the deepest darkest depths of the country to stay in our old farmhouse for awhile - it's in the middle of nowhere, so the time spent was very quiet and relaxing. Also made some excellent buys at 2nd-hand shops along the way, will post soon. This weekend was filled helping with the 48hr film festival... It's a NZ competition where registered film groups around the country are given 48 hours to complete a short film including a random theme, character, line and prop... it was mental and we were up all night. But I loved it! Our team made a 1920's Humphrey Bogart looking movie in an old house that I am sitting at the moment. i can't wait until we are allowed to view our film in the heats... woo woo

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