Sunday, May 2, 2010

Little sister and I upon a pretty summer evening. These were taken by my super amazing should-be-photographer older sister Miss Loulou.

Guess what? I would like to thank the lovely Erimentha from The Little Blog of Happiness and Liss from Daydream Lily for picking my blog along with 3 other beauties to win the "Little-known Lovelies" competition... I am so shocked and surprised and happy and honoured! And it has been so great to be able to connect with other 'little knowns' in the same boat... wow wow wow, thank you!


  1. a big congratulations ♥

    Those dresses are fantastic, btw, was there an occassion or was the occassion the photoshoot? Those dreamy shots will be treasured, I'm sure :)

  2. Cute pics!
    I saw you were a winner, congrats. I followed your blog. :)
    Mustart x

  3. Congratulations on being a winner of the 'Little Known Lovelies'! Your blog is gorgeous and I can see why you made the top three. I have just entered the blogging world, and it is so nice to discover even more blogs to filled with such inspirational content.

    Much love
    Dorothy x

  4. congratulations! I'm very happy to meet your gorgeous blog! Beautiful pictures btw :)

  5. congrats! these are such gorgeous pictures-LOVE the feel of them :)


  6. grats honey x)

    I loove your blog so much, you deserved it!

    wow, these pictures are truly gorgeous!

    xx scarzz

  7. Ohhhh, these photos are amazing!!

    Lovely to have something make me smile on a Monday!


  8. love the dreamy photos. they put me in a happy daze... =)

  9. Your blog is so super cute, you totally deserved it.

    Those photos are so gorgeous and pretty.
    I absolutely adore them!

  10. hey clare well done on winning, I was super stoaked to stumble across your wee blog. good luck, its looking gorge. Lucy Bidwill x

  11. I shall be following your blog regularly from now on having picked up on your recent win from daydream lily (bravo)... your sister is also very talented fab picks, thanks for sharing... I too have recently started blogging, no followers as yet perhaps you'd like to take a sneaky peak!
    take care Linda.

  12. Such beautiful and dreamy pictures.. :D the baby pink, the light, the flowing dress, the hug, I love everything about it!

    I just found your blog, congratulation for winning the Little Known award. :* mind to exchange link?


  13. Welldone on wining that competition! I am obssesed with Daydream Lily

    I have just created my own blog two days ago and slowly figuring the whole thing out!

    I would love you to take a look and tell me what you think,

    I promise I will keep updating as much as I can!


  14. your photos are just lovely... :) and i'll be coming back to check on your posts. YAY! x

  15. :) great job darling. you deserved it with all my might!



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