Tuesday, May 4, 2010

oh i want one! there is something magic about tree houses, especially ones like these...

The sun is shining but the chill of autumn has suddenly set in, and i have to wear a wollen jumper :) but that's ok, 'cos all the beautiful colours are coming out. Hey random question from a technologically challenged blogger, can anyone tell me how to upload images in their full size? not just the 'large' option that blogger gives you?


  1. How adorable! Oh I wish I could live in a tree house like this!!! :)
    Beautiful blog fellow kiwi!


  2. To upload a bigger picture, I first upload it to an external hosting site like photobucket. After importing, I resize the image to fit my blog (it can take a few tries to get the dimesions right). I then right-click, "copy link location" and the upload the URL into the blogger photo upload tool. The photo should keep its previous dimesions. I hope this helps!

  3. oooh i want one too!
    so romantic and cute...

    i am linking you dear, just found your blog through daydream lily's!


  4. ahhh, I wish I had a treehouse. I always wanted one, like a place to just chill.

    it seems so magical

    lovely pictures!
    xx scarzz

  5. @see me everywhere - hehe yay go kiwis!

    Thank you Michelle, i will try it out now!

    Eri- you are LOVELLYY

    Mila, I am in love with your blog

    scarzz- thankyou for all the beautiful words, i hope your recovery is going well :)


  6. I just discovered this lovely blog : )
    you have inspired me to start my own!
    x s

  7. Great blog... what a lovely collection beautiful pictures! Treehouses are my absolute favorite, I'm glad someone's paying them some attention.

    Thank You!


  8. If you are using Windows, try using Windows Live Writer. It's such a breeze to edit picture size! :)


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