Sunday, May 9, 2010

So i kinda have a crazy fetish for old envelopes... my poppa collects envelopes and airline tickets (his house has been jam-packed since forever) and i think it may have subconciously rubbed off on me. Actually, i have an obsession with packaging in general, especially parcels and brown paper bags - oh there is nothing more exciting than recieving a brown paper package tied up with string! I wonder, there anyone out there with the same fascination?


  1. i love packaging too; i'm the kind of cant bear to tear at presents or newly bought items because i want to preserve the packaging lol. packages with strings are the best! so old-school :)

  2. I have to agree. Vintage letters and envelopes are so pretty. Why, I'm not sure, I'm just drawn to them, so I know how ya feel!

    Mustart x

  3. I love them because there's a story behind each one, where they went, where from and what was happening at the world at that time.


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