Monday, June 7, 2010

A long weekend

On my side of the world there has just finished a long weekend...
It was a lovely time spent with friends and family doing a mixture of things. Scoring so many cute wee this-and thats from some local saturday morning garage sales, trying to sort out the jungle that is my wardrobe, listening to some new vinyls, watching movies and coffee with friends and making some smoochy packages for certain people ;)


  1. I Love the look of these photos.
    What camara do you use :)

  2. I love the cd cases! Did you drew that or was it an original design? Adorable.

  3. I really like that photo of the record player. And thoes Cd cases are so cute!!

    Mustart x

  4. @ Ruby, thanks! I use a silly little cannon Power Shot A85 - my Nikon D40 is broken so it's this for now... but i do photoshop my photos.

    @Ashlee, hehe yeah they're cute i've been doing them for a wee while...

  5. Clare ~ have I told you how much Im enjoying your blog?! its really beautiful... also can you give me instructions of how to achieve that dreamy look in your photos?


thanks for the comment, you might make my day :)