Thursday, June 17, 2010

Well done Mr Lagerfield... I'm not usually one to dote on latest catwalk collections, but I couldn't resist the latest from Chanel! The pastels and the bows, so cute and feminine.

My posting seems to have become few and far between lately, mainly because i'm still kinda working this baby out and don't know what to say... i want to write, but what exactly? It's a strange sort of muddle to be in, not sure of how much of myself to give away... is there anyone else with this dilema? In the meantime, here's hoping you have all had a great week and are heading towards a lovely weekend - I know i am! (I'm flying south tomorrow for an escape away with a friend, yay!) x


  1. Some of these outfits and updo's would be super cool for a wedding... and yes; like you I too am not so sure 'how much of me' to expose without running the risk of boring fellow bloggers to death with my escapades! Guess best policy is honesty; take care Linda x

  2. chanel never fails me .

    much love ! <3

  3. guh these shots are sooooo pretty.
    i love her gigantic bow and oversized hair doo! <3

  4. i still love this collection, especially the silver suit!


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