Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hello fellow bloggers. Some pictures from a beach trip my boyfriend and i made last week... It's a beautiful beach hidden away in a rural area of northland. Vehicle access is limited so we doubled on his motorbike and managed to find a pretty spot on the sand dunes to eat our picnic. I've been on holiday for over a week now and it is ssooooo nice to have some time to just relax and go adventuring! (So yes, for those who were wondering from my last post, i managed to survive the last few crazy weeks before semester break at uni! Thank you for your encouragement). So now that i have a month worth of holidays and part time work, i'm hoping to post a wee bit more. I've been looking though meowmeow tonight and I've realized how much I've slowly slipped away from blogging... and i miss it!

I think i have and perhaps always will struggle to find the time to do it, but i do love finding and sharing beautiful things on here... if there are still any readers who haven't given up on this blog, hello! Keep coming back, I hope to share with you alot more in the near future! xo

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