Wednesday, April 18, 2012


greetings friends - i have had a long while to play with the idea of sharing these photos, sometimes thinking that i'd rather keep them private but then more often lately marvelling at them and the idea of blogging them. it's really is a dilema that i
have quite often in my mind about how open to be about my life over in my little corner of the internet... but i've decided
that i love these pictures too much not to share the joy with you all.
 it really was the most amazing day almost three months ago now. the day i made a vow to the man that i will always
love. our photos were taken by the wonderful Benjamin and Elise. if you would like to read about our wedding in more
detail, there is a writeup here on magnolia rouge.

(ps - yes, i have taken down most of the pictures a week later, i'm a chicken!)
(pps - i might put some more up soon of our reception styling etc if anyone is interested?)


  1. So beautiful!!! Looks like such a lovely wedding. Congratulations!!

  2. Congratulations .. and I have to say beautiful wedding. You can see it was made of love =)


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