Wednesday, July 4, 2012



A ribbon on my window sill // Still building up the courage to do an outfit post... for now this is the closest i'll get (love my new spotty shirt) // Frames waiting to be hung up in our lounge // New lavender sandals I found on sale, it's still winter here but I'm very excited about wearing them when it's warmer!


  1. So beautiful.

    Come to Canada! It's sooooooooo warm here right now, aha! You could wear those beautiful sandals.

  2. You should do an outfit post - I think you have the most beautiful clothes ever! (I am quite envious of your closet) Also, thank you for the kind comment on my blog. I am glad you like my photography and my writing. I sometimes feel like I fill up my posts with sad words because I find sadness so much more beautiful than happiness? (Is it strange - my fascination with melancholy?) But I am quite happy all the time eheheheheh so everything is definitely okay. Thanks for asking!



thanks for the comment, you might make my day :)