Sunday, December 2, 2012


Summer is here and this saturday the hubby and i checked out the Silo Markets with some friends. It was a mixture of good music, cute vintage stalls and oh so much yummy food!

I can't believe it's december already - 22 days till christmas and counting! This time of year always seems to creep up so suddenly and life starts to get pretty busy. I desperately need to start christmas present hunting, but this year I'm hoping to try and be a little bit clever and crafty and give more meaningful gifts than just something I snaffled up at the last minute.  
(and i hope to post my progress on this soon).

Happy Christmas preparing!


  1. this silo market looks really fun, and this food sure looks yummy, it's 11:29 AM as i'm typing this and i can definitely hear my stomach telling me "i want this !!!"

    and good luck on your present hunt by the way...

  2. Such lovely photos. I dearly miss summer days like these. XO.


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