Thursday, September 16, 2010

While the wind blows...

*(insert words that will blow your mind here)*

Sometimes it's hard to know what to write on this thing... I took these pictures a few weeks ago , i was hanging out the washing

and suddenly the evening light was just so incredible, i had to dash inside and get my camera. Although what i saw was so

much more beautiful than how the pictures show - I often think about how it would be theee coolest thing if you could take

photos with your eyes... if somehow your eyes (being the most incredible lense ever) could be a camera!

Ha, i'm weird. Time to go to bed i think!


  1. I think that all the time too! It bugs me so much that I can't take a picture with my mind and then somehow plug a usb cord into my head and the computer.

  2. i have always had the same idea. Sometimes i'm uncapable to capture things as beautiful as they really are.
    lovely blog! following

  3. Your blog never ceases to amaze :) Just want to let you know I've tagged you for a blog award, if you're interested! <3

  4. oh my god, these photos are so fucking amazing!

    so so so so so beautiful.
    lovely post.
    xox scarzz

  5. i love evening light, just before the sun disappears and for a moment everything is brighter. your photos are gorgeous.


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