Tuesday, October 5, 2010

wake up

Oh Audrey.
From what i've seen and heard, she really was a fair lady in every way.

I managed to break my wrist last week... doing something fairly risky i suppose. And now, post surgery, i am kind of still a bit spaced out by it. I feel like i'm in limbo, unsure of how to react. It throws a whole lot of plans for the next few month out the window which is really frustrating, not to mention the small everyday things i love to do that are near impossible without my right hand... like playing guitar or taking a photograph. To not be able to write by hand or draw!!

But then, maybe this has helped awaken a new fresh motivation for other new ideas?
wow, life can change in an instant.

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  1. ohh ouch! :( you must feel pretty much disabled now & that must have hurt a whole lot. do rest well & hope you get better soon babe! will pray for you <3


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