Thursday, October 28, 2010

Goodness gracious, miss amy from cake with giants really is rather clever!
Sorry for my absence... i read this the other day from lolita and totally agreed!

"sometimes i simply cannot put a post together. i don’t know why it’s like that and it feels kind of silly.. any theories? i used to think it was about inspiration (or the lack of it) but then i read and heard so much about how waiting for inspiration is unprofessional so i dare not use that excuse anymore."

It was my birthday on monday... gah, 22! where does the time go? perhaps i mite post some birthday pictures? it really was an incredible day :)


  1. ahh, i can't see your pictures! :( & gosh i turn twentytwo next friday too. feel so old! it seems just awhile ago that i was thirteen..

  2. Cant see the pictures too but you have a lovely blog :) xx

  3. Thanks lovelies! Hopefully i've fixed it now?
    @esther yeah it's getting freaky how the time is flying, faster by the year it seems!


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