Tuesday, October 12, 2010


1-1.jpg picture by 0702056
1-1.jpg picture by 07020561-1.jpg picture by 0702056
Floral walls, thick duvets, open windows, regal bedposts, soft lights = room swoon.
Look! A free album download here by NZ band Avalanche City, the songs are oh so cute...


  1. these are all beautiful, yet my favorite is the wood panelled wall one; oh to have a studio such as this. sorry to hear you have broken your wrist; makes life tricky i'm sure, but as you say time to reflect...

    ps i have a 'caustic comment' giveaway chez moi this week; please pop by...

  2. swoon indeed <3 the third look is exactly what i would do if i had a greenhouse! turn it into a mini sitting room filled with comfy pillows & pretty pictures

  3. sooo pretty!
    i wish my room looked like this.

  4. If only I lived in these images. beautiful!


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