Monday, July 9, 2012


And now for my first ever outfit post.... yay!
It has been awhile coming, mainly because I have been a little too shy but today I decided was the day. It's winter here in New Zealand and people tend to dress a bit darker in these colder months - but i still love wearing pale pastel colours. I'm wearing one of my favourite pink silk vintage shirts together with my newest closet item, a hooded trenchcoat. Top it off with my favourite oxford flats. Perfect for a sunny winters day!

We had a great time down on the farm. it was bitterly cold but so beautiful. I can't wait to share some photos soon.
I hope everyone has had a great start to their week x

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  1. you look lovely, you shouldn't be shy about doing outfit posts :) sometimes I feel the same :P
    like the pale colours, people tend to wear a lot of black here in Melbourne too!
    the bun is cute.
    maddie x


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