Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A little piece of my heart

Some pictures from our trip south a few weeks back - the middle of winter and a morning frost makes for beautiful pictures. It was pretty crisp down there... isn't crisp such a great word?!

Anyway, it was a brief but lovely visit - A chance to catch up with family I don't get to see so much anymore. The farm has been in my family for over one hundred years so all the hills are familiar and I know the land like the back of my hand. We grew up here but I gradually grew away from it. Now it is sometimes a little sad to go back - all the memories from my childhood still lingering on the walls and  in the hallways of our old house. Going back makes me realise how much my life has changed, and every time we leave to travel back home I feel like a little piece of my heart is left behind.


  1. Your pictures are a source of delight.

    And yeah, going back to the place where we grew up, brings back countless memories. You finally realize how much thing's have changed and just for a little while, you just want to be back there and relive it all over again! :(

    Not Just My Allegories

  2. This place is magical! Where is it?

    1. It is! Just southwest of Waiouru in New Zealand :)


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