Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh no!

Oh no! I took these pics a few months back for a friend who's using them for a hairdressing competition... Spent quite a few hours editing them, only to find out on the day that the printer was printing them out blurred and speckled?! So in the end we had to use and submit for judging the unedited copies - which are quite ugly in comparison. :( I feel like posting the edited finals on here is necessary to make me feel better - at least someone is seeing what they're supposed to look like!

They are very plain and minimal, (which is what she wanted) but they show off some cool hair don't you think? I'm especially swooning over the dusty pink/violet highlights...

P.S if your after some real eye candy, you should
1. pop over here and check out photographer extraordinaire Nirrimi's work... it. is. amazing. And then;
2. go here and vote for her portfolio (5 stars) in a massive artists wanted competition. The grand prize is for the winner to live and work in NY for a year! So go on, it's really easy to vote (no login required) and she totally deserves it!


  1. Wow, this is amazing, i love the highlights, i never thought i would love dusty pink highlights, but they look lovely. x.x

  2. Thanks Kim!
    yeah very subtle ones look great on blonde I think... x


thanks for the comment, you might make my day :)