Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stills from the movie 'Cat On A Hot Tin Roof' (1958). Pretty much the entire movie is filmed and takes place in one house and revolves around a family fighting over their inheritance. I might've found it slightly boring if it wern't for the lovely Liz Taylor, who looks like a goddess in creams and reds, and later on in a pretty white frock... the overall look of the film is so suave, you can't really keep your eyes off it! I mean, look at that bed!

I love old hollywood classics...
This year i have started watching some. Any more suggestions?
Happy Sunday x


  1. she has the perfect cleopatra look :) & yes that bed frame is seriously awesome, and so are the lights. antique furniture are the best <3

  2. 'a room with a view' and any audrey hepburn movie, i like 'how to steal a million'. maybe alfred hitchcock too?

    :) she is so beautiful though, i love her eyes!


  3. ps.. you've been tagged!!!!!1

  4. @Esther - I know! Anique over brand new anyday!
    @Eri - Oooh ok! Hitchcock is the bomb.


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